“It would be a dream to see Alonso champion again, he deserves it”

alonso is back in fashion. The truth is that his level, whether in Formula 1 or in the other disciplines in which he was seen, has always been excellent, but his great start to the year with Aston Martin and those two podium finishes in a row has unleashed a new chapter of the Alonsomania. The Asturian is on everyone’s lips, but there are only a few who really know him and one of them is Pedro de la Rosa, who once again works with him as team ambassador and who assures that “people don’t know who the real Fernando is.”

“They see him as extremely committed and focused, but what They don’t see how simple it is. He has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. It is one of his strong points, he does not feel pressure ”, ensures on the team’s website, where he explains how far the confidence of the two-time champion goes: “When other riders are nervous about what is to come, Fernando is not. Before he is about to run he is laughing and joking. He stays relaxed and that’s partly why he can still compete at such a high level.”

“His natural talent is crazy”, continues Pedro, who says that “it doesn’t matter the condition of the tyres, the type of car, the nature of the track… it will quickly be at the limit”. And Alonso’s tenacity also stands out: “There are many champions who lose their advantage when they no longer have a competitive car. Fernando is not like that. He has maintained his level and his motivation. Having achieved so many podiums and continuing with the same hunger as when he started, despite not having a competitive car for so many years, is something I admire about him.”

For all this, the friendship that unites them and more, for De la Rosa “It would be a dream come true to see Fernando crowned champion again.” “He deserves it. Whatever you do, if you do your best, sooner or later you will be rewarded, and Fernando has done his best for decades. When you consider the journey he’s been on, everything he’s done and everything he’s been through, winning the World Cup would be a fitting end to an outstanding F1 career.” assures the 52-year-old Catalan, also a commentator on DAZN F1.

“I knew it would be fast”

De la Rosa’s relationship with Alonso began many years ago, from the Asturian’s first steps in F1, and Pedro was quick to recognize the talent that was to come. Give a specific date: “Barcelona, ​​2001, Spanish GP, there I realized that I was different from the others. I was at Jaguar, he at Minardi. We fought in the first rounds. His car had no grip at all, it wasn’t drivable, it was on a knife edge. With the way he balanced the car in the corners I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy is really good.

That was one sign of Alonso’s ability, and he then experienced another firsthand when he tested with Jaguar the following year. “I knew it was going to be fast right away. He was very fast on a track that was drying up. When he got back to the pits the tires were shredded, but he was still incredibly fast. It even took me a while to match his records and it was his first time in the car. His comments were also spot on. Everything that we had said that he needed to improve the car, he identified in just a few laps”, recalls Pedro.

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