“It won’t be an easy trip with Mick.”

Normally, the last two places in each race are disputed between them, a fight that, a priori, would not attract the attention of the fans. But if we say the protagonists, things change: Mick Schumacher, the son of Kaiser, and Nikita Mazepin. The Haas teammates have a most interesting war for not being the last in line that his bosses should like, because they have already announced his renewal for 2022, but he is also hostile and has already left several incidents between the two, the last one, in Monza.

The young 22-year-old Russian pilot went through the podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’ from ‘F1.com’ to analyze the relationship he has with his German partner: “A lot is happening. A lot and nothing at the same time. I think we are just two young drivers who are willing to reach the top of Formula 1 and that they have put themselves in a difficult position where, realistically, as the year progresses, we can only fight each other. “

“For me, finishing 19th can be a climax and finishing 20th can be a very bad point of the weekend. Obviously, in any other category, what is the difference between 19th and 20th? But here is all or nothing “, Nikita explains about what it means to play a position in those latitudes of the grid, and more when no one gives a meter. And if they stay together, he anticipates the following: “It’s hard for me to say more than that. It is what it is. I don’t know how many years we have left together, but I don’t think it’s an easy journey. “

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Off the track, something else

And make no mistake, according to Mazepin, he and Mick get along well off the track, but inside… you already know that there are no friends on the asphalt and it is also true in this case: “I like Mick, from my heart. I think he is a super talented kid who has achieved an incredible achievement in his career, but that is off the circuit. On the track, I don’t really care who I’m racing, I’m racing against a rival’s car, and Mick’s is the only one right now in the last few races that I can overtake. “

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