It was not easy for Nora Fatehi to become a mermaid in the song Dance Meri Rani, it was a bad condition!

Nora Fatehi’s song Dance Meri Rani, which was released 2 days ago, is doing a great job. The partnership of Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi has once again been to the liking of their fans. Nora Fatehi has also made a tremendous comeback with this song, her fans were missing her sizzling dance for a long time. In the song, Nora is seen wooing everyone with her dance becoming a mermaid, but it was not so easy for Nora to become a mermaid in this song. Rather, Nora had to endure a lot of hardships from this. And Nora had gone bad.

Nora is wearing a mermaid costume in the song, which was not that easy to wear and handle. When Nora wore this dress, she was hardly brought to the filming location. For this, even the stretcher had to be used. Nora was first seated in a boat and then brought to the filming location by laying down on a stretcher, and in doing so both the cast and crew lost a sweat. Nora Fatehi has now shared a video on social media and she herself has told about the difficulties she faced during the filming of this song.

Well, Nora’s hard work has paid off and her song has become a huge hit. Dance Meri Rani blew up on YouTube as soon as it was released. So far this song has over 32 million views. Before Dance Meri Rani, Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa were seen at Naach Meri Rani last year. This song was also a huge hit. And now, after a year, they have both brought Dance Meri Rani. And this song is nothing short of a treat for lovers of Nora’s dance.

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