It was 65 years since Larsen’s perfect game

Last 8fromOctober it was 65 years that a numberfrom64,519 fans witnessedfromhe only perfect match ever launched in a world series, which took place on Monday 8fromOctoberfrom1956 at Yankee Stadium. that he faced in the fifth gamefromthat series, the DodgersfromBrooklin and the Yankees.

The series was even 2 – 2. The leaderfromNew York, Casey Stengel handed the ball to thefromright Don Larsen, who had done a lousy job in the second crashfromThe classic at Ebbets FieldfromBrooklin. When the Dodgers won 13 – 8.

That Monday, Larsen was filledfromglory in throwing the only perfect game in these events, which ended 2 – 0. ThisfromsafĂ­o started at 1fromthe afternoon. For the Dodgers he opened anotherfromright, Sal Maglie, who had a close duel until the fourth inning against Larsen, Maglie allowedfromafterfromtwo out that in the fourth the first Yankee, Mickey Mantle, hit home run to break the perfect game that Maglie also threw.

Then in the lower partfromThe sixth act the mules scored the second round, that episode was opened by Andy Carey with a hit, which was the second shot by the ownersfromhome, Larsen sacrificed himself reaching Carey all the way to middle and scored with another hitfromHank Bauer. Larsen had 97 pitches in the game. 


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