It started to rain before the final in Ahmedabad, read if the match is not played today who will be the champion

The final match of IPL 2023 between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will be played in Gujarat. But just before the game it started to rain. Therefore, the start of the match may be delayed. If the continuous rain continues, many kinds of rules have been established regarding the match. If at least 5 overs of the match cannot be completed today then it will be played on the reserve day. Chennai and Gujarat teams are ready. But the rain can spoil the game.

The draw will be delayed due to rain in Ahmedabad. The fans eagerly await the final match. But the rain has stopped. If IPL has made many kinds of rules regarding the final match. If it stops raining then the game can start at 9:40 and the overs will not be reduced. But after this the overs will be cut. If at least 5 overs are not played today due to rain, then a reserve day has been set aside for this. If the match is not played today, then this match will be played on Monday.

Significantly, it also rained during Qualifier 2. But the overs weren’t cut. The start of this match was delayed by around half an hour. Qualifier 2 was played between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians which Gujarat won. Gujarat had carved out a place in the final with the victory. Shubman Gill had scored a century while he performed brilliantly for the team. Mohit Sharma also played an important role in Gujarat’s victory. He took 5 wickets. Now, once again, the team will expect a good performance from these players.

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