“It seems like a joke that I can only be fifth always”

Carlos Sainz has no need to vindicate himself in his ninth season as a Formula 1 driver, with 15 podiums and a victory that marks one year this Monday. However, in view of the fact that there is no quiet week at Ferrari, it does not hurt that his solid Saturday in Austria permeates, after qualifying on the wire to save Q1 and achieve the first top-3 of the campaign, that he could not, in the Spielberg sprint. The SF-23 will hardly be what was expected at the beginning of the course, but the man from Madrid defends him fifth in the World Cup and add 20 points more than Leclerc (7th) in the standings after eight races and two sprints.

At the Red Bull Ring short race He contrasted Sainz’s performance with the 12th place of a long-suffering Charles. The Monegasque had to fight with Ocon and Norris, and then risk with the strategy of putting the soft, for what could happen. Nothing happened. In this context, AS asks Carlos, how responsible is the driver for the good result, and how much does the car and its evolutions correspond? “I’ve been feeling good all weekend. I did very good laps in the morning, I had a good feeling after the progress on Friday. But sincerely this year I think I have been very close to the maximum of the car. There are a lot of fifth places and it seems like a joke that I can only be fifth in several races, but I don’t think there was much else. I hope that this Sunday there will be something else that a fifth and that we can achieve the second ‘top three’, the first proper”. The first podium.

the morning scare

All after a big scare in the sprint classification. He should have returned to the garage at the start of mini Q1 for a problem with the brake electronics. “Not easy. When you’re on the start lap and realize you don’t have any brakes, and then in the garage you see the clock, and all the rivals doing their laps on a track that’s drying up… I thought my day was over. But then I had my shot, and I closed my eyes and went for it. It is probably one of the craziest laps of my career, I didn’t know where the grip level was. I went first, I liked it, but I still think it was crazy, just like finishing third in the sprint the way the morning started. I think that We are on the right track, I hope this is the beginning of the change in trend, although the end is still a long way off. Max (Verstappen) it is very far”.

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In the main race this Sunday is Leclerc who comes second after the Dutchman, and Sainz third. The two Ferrari teammates have generally been evenly matched in recent months. In a recent interview with ‘Autosport’, Carlos recognized that you would like to focus on your future (from 2025) starting next winter, and that the priority will always be to stay in Maranello. You won’t be short of an offer from Audi. At the same time, Charles slipped upon arrival at Spielberg that he has already “very slowly” started negotiations on his future. If the factory renews one before the other, there will inevitably be talk of priorities. At the moment, you can only talk about what happens on the asphalt. Sainz comes out well.

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