“It looked like a delivery truck”

A first stage that had to be a formality has ended up being a nuisance for Albert Llovera. The Andorran has always been characterized by a good humor that, as soon as he saw his face today, had faded towards a kind of frustration caused by a loose screw. A priori it might seem that it is nothing relevant, but being located at the wheel, the story changes completely for him. Albert has everything in his hands and this mismatch “at 200 or 300 meters” After starting the prologue, he has turned 13 kilometers into an endless distance where the controls did not respond: “The throttle ring did not go down when I asked it to and when it did go down, maybe it did not go up and stayed accelerated.”

It goes without saying that it has not been an easy day for Llovera in his official debut with Ford. Because before they completed “60 or so kilometers in Poland and 60 or 70 more” during the shakedown. The distance is not enough to detect problems, in fact they expected that they could arrive at some point, but not so prematurely and in the most essential part of the truck for him. “I don’t even know how to take it”, assures, after having worked on a prototype that “looked like a delivery truck” when he started it up again in the desert. After a lot of work “we left it pretty good” and yet, the misalignment of the screw “It’s going to cause a very serious slap tomorrow.” “There is no sand and there are roads, to overtake it will be a Christ and it is a bit of a mess, but hey, the race is very long,” he confesses.

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What will happen from now? After having “ended the year badly”, onlyto work on an element that he intends to have ready to compete again tomorrow. In the end, Albert always ends up finding the positive side of things and he prefers to have suffered today, before entering stages with hundreds of kilometers where he could have “suffered a lot”. They will review the part to try to avoid the problem and although his mechanics are not familiar with this type of system and have “a little respect for him, I have already told them that You have to check everything every day.” The orders have been “pretty clear” and the screw, wait, back in place.

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