Lately, go to the zone Audi in the bivouac is a deja vu continuous. They always have something to celebrate. This time, all the people of the team crowded around the car that gave them their first victory in the Dakar, that of Sainz. The Madrilenian repeated success in the most difficult stage of the race and that gave him a special aftertaste. “Very happy, it was a 100% Dakar stage, the most complete. There was everything: camel grass, soft dunes, slopes … Lucas has done a great job and we have been able to win even by opening “, he said to AS and the Spanish press.

“We knew that in the dunes the car was going to defend itself well and it has been. I think I have understood how the car works and I have felt comfortable,” he says about a strong point of Audi, which has been very strong from the start. rest day: “I already said it that day, that we should have started the Dakar there. The problems we had we were solving brilliantly and It is clear that we lacked a preparation race and that is paid for on the Dakar. This second week has been very positive. “

Now that the Dakar is coming to an end, Sainz acknowledges that there were doubts at the beginning of the project: “Of course I did. Before the Dakar we had not competed with the car and for the team it is a satisfaction to see that the project has a future and now we have to work towards next year to improve the problems and the problems that exist. “It only remains to” try to finish in that line “shown in recent days and” analyze everything well “later. But achieve four victories in the Audi’s first year “is to be proud of.”


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