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“It is the best moment in the last 25 years to play against Barcelona”

The Camp Nou will dress up tonight to host the match of the day to be played on Barcelona and Valencia. Culés and Ches need to return to the path of triumph, the first to reengage at the head of LaLiga and the second to remain firm in the European zone and win after four days, therefore the duel is expected to high voltage, more if the ‘Koeman component’ is added who finished badly at Valencia and today generates debate in the Catalan stands.

Perhaps for all this, the meeting has many points of analysis despite the fact that it has not yet been played and some Valencia legends gave AS their opinion on tonight’s date. Without going any further, to Fernando Gómez Colomer, footballer with the record of matches played with the che shirt, the current one is “the best moment in the last 25 years to play at the Camp Nou“Given the situation in the entity.

I see Valencia capable of competing at the Camp Nou, hopefully they will. With Bordalás they have become a very difficult team to defeat. It is the best time to go to Barcelona in the last 20-25 years, but you never know because they have very good players. I am concerned about the way they face this match since their delicate situation leads them to have each match as a final.

If there is anyone who knows what it is stand up to Barcelona, ​​win and snatch titles that is Ruben Baraja. The one who is one of the best midfielders in the club’s history is also optimistic facing the appointment and more if one takes into account that when Messi was Valencia “recently scratched some tieslike last season. “

Valencia can win at the Camp Nou, Valencia arrives in good dynamics despite the latest results, in addition, Valencia has always played good games at the Camp Nou and in recent years has scratched some draws, so this season given the Barcelona situation can achieve victory.

His wardrobe partner was the right back Curro Torres, Who cautious with the way that those of Koeman will face the match. For Curro, the fact that they arrive after a bad start makes them “more dangerous”, however consider the return of Carlos Soler to the key team, a player whom he trained at the subsidiary and who “has known how to take responsibility.”

I think this Valencia can win at the Camp Nou, but it is true that they are always a dangerous team. I think that the fact that they arrive a bit in crisis makes them more dangerous, but Valencia is recovering important players, including Carlos Soler. I trained him in the subsidiary and his explosion has been great, he has taken on a lot of responsibility and has understood the moment of the team, I am happy for him.

And from Carlos Soler to José Luís Gayà, another who will return to the team today after an injury and who he is “a player who contributes in every way and does not stop running“This is how he defines it. Pablo Hernandez a player who knows what it is to score against Barcelona and who admits that for Gayà he would turn on the TV to watch a game. Hernández, believes that Koeman’s are “lacking confidence “ and that Valencia if they play as Bordalás asks them “they can beat them.”

I see Valencia capable of winning at Camp Noy and more so seeing the situation at Barcelona, ​​who lack confidence and are not playing as they know. It is true that they are still a great team but they are not at their best and if they play as Bordalás asks them: With intensity and pressure, I think they can beat them. I think that Gayà will be key for that game, he is a player who does not stop running and gives a lot to the team, he would turn on the TV just to see him play.

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