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It is official! According to experts, Trump is the worst president in US history

Donald Trump, former President of the United States.  (Illustration: Diego Rodriguez)

Did The Simpsons Get It Right Again? Amid a series of political challenges and declining approval polls, President Biden may find solace in a new poll of historians This makes him the 14th best president in the history of the United Statessurpasses its predecessor in every respect, Donald Trump is considered the worst president in American history.

A new survey of historians which was released last weekend on the occasion of Presidents’ Day in the United States by Professors Brandon Rottinghaus from the University of Houston and Justin S. Vaughn from Coastal Carolina University; Based on 154 responses from scientists across the country, Biden is narrowly ahead of Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan and Ulysses S. Grant.

Yes OK That may not give Biden a place on Mount Rushmore, but it certainly puts him well ahead of Trump, who ranks last as the worst president of all time. Biden hasn’t had much fun reading the polls lately. He has a lower approval rating at this point in his term than any president since Jimmy Carter and faces a rematch against former President Trump next November.

In fact, Biden may owe his place in the top 20 in part to Trump. Although it is entitled to a historic legacy in managing the end of the Covid pandemic; rebuilding the country’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure; and by leading an international coalition against Russian aggression, According to historians, Biden’s defining achievement was ousting Trump from the Oval Office.

“Biden’s key accomplishments may include rescuing the presidency from Trump, returning to a more traditional presidential leadership style and preparing to keep the office beyond his predecessor’s reach this fall,” Vaughn and Rottinghaus wrote in the announcement of the results the Los Angeles Times.

Trump may not care what a group of academics think, but for what it’s worth, It fares poorly even among self-proclaimed Republican historians. At 45th overall, Trump trails even the disastrous mid-19th century appointees who plunged the country into civil war or botched its aftermath, such as James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce and Andrew Johnson.

“In the first post-Trump poll, we saw a significant uptick in recent Democratic presidents, each rising in the rankings, while recent Republican presidents fell, except for President Trump, who remained at the bottom of the rankings. “,” Vaughn said in a statement released by the University of Houston.

Judging today’s presidents is, of course, a risky undertaking. It is shaped by current politics and does not necessarily reflect what history will be a century from now. Even long-serving presidents can rise or fall in such polls depending on the changing cultural mores of the time in which the polls are conducted.

For example, Barack Obama, who came 7th this year, has risen nine places since 2015, as has Grant, now ranked 17th. Elsewhere, Andrew Jackson has fallen 12 places to 21st, while Woodrow Wilson (15th) and Ronald Reagan (16th) have each fallen five places.

At least part of this may be due to the increasing contemporary focus on racial justice. Obama, of course, was the country’s first black president, and Grant’s war against the Ku Klux Klan served to offset his administration’s corruption.

But today it was focused More attention on Jackson’s brutal campaigns against Native Americans and his “Trail of Tears”the forced displacement of indigenous communities as well as in Wilson’s racist views and in the re-segregation of parts of the federal government.

As usuale, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson are at the top of the list. and historians generally hold similar views about many presidents, regardless of their personal ideology or party affiliation. But some modern presidents are more controversial among historians based on partisan politics.

For example, among Republican scholars, Reagan ranks 5th, George H. W. Bush ranks 11th, Obama ranks 15th, and Biden ranks 30th, while among Democratic historians, Reagan ranks 18th, Bush ranks 19th, Obama ranks 19th ranked 6th and Biden ranked 13th. Aside from Grant and Biden, The greatest inequality is around George W. Bush, which ranks 19th among Republicans and 33rd among Democrats.

Interestingly, Bill Clinton is a modern president who rarely provokes partisan differences. In fact, Republicans rank him slightly higher than Democrats, at #10. in the 12th, perhaps reflecting a shift in thinking in the #MeToo era and liberal discomfort with their centrist politics.

The survey was conducted by Vaughn, an associate professor of political science at Coastal Carolina University, and Rottinghaus, a professor of political science at the University of Houston.

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