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It is now possible to perceive aromas in virtual reality

According to an article by Nature Communications, a new virtual reality interface was developed that allows users to experience different smells like rosemary, mojito or pancakes. This innovative technology offers a very immersive experience, almost as if you can smell different scents.

Technology has enabled the creation of devices that allow for the precise and targeted distribution of fragrances in a given area. Additionally, these devices can be easily connected to virtual reality apps, allowing users to enjoy an even more immersive and authentic experience. The authors proposed further research that could allow users to experience virtual scents in video games, 4D movies, and online educational environments.

Despite advances in virtual reality technology in terms of simulating sight, sound and touch, creating a system for smell has been a challenge. To solve this problem, human-machine interfaces are being explored as a possible solution.

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wireless smell for virtual reality

A research team at Beihang University has created two small wireless scent devices as part of their ongoing project. The researchers developed two types of millimeter-scale scent-generating devices to carry out their experiments: one that attached directly to the skin under the nose and had two scent options, and another that was a soft mask with nine different scent alternatives.

To test the participants’ sense of smell, the scientists used scent-producing devices that were no more than a millimeter in size. There were two distinct types of masks: one that fit comfortably under a person’s nose and emitted 2 different scents, while the other was much softer and capable of emitting nine unique scents.

Possible scopes of virtual smells

The research team proposed some applications of their findings, such as transmitting smell-based messages as an alternative form of communication, stimulating emotion-related memories, and improving the user experience in virtual reality environments.

Of equal importance to traditional visual, auditory, and tactile sensations, smell exerts physiological and psychological influences on humans.


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