It happened in Singapore

Singapore, which has been declared as the least corrupt country in the world, has been arrested on charges of corruption.

According to foreign media, Singapore, which is considered to be the least corrupt country in the list of the world’s most corrupt countries, has a scandal and the Minister of Transport has been arrested by the anti-corruption department on charges of high-level corruption. .

According to the report, Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in an email statement confirmed the arrest of Transport Minister S Iswaran on July 11, 2023, who was later released on bail.

Hotel tycoon Ong Beng Seng, one of Singapore’s richest men, was also arrested on the same day and released on bail after preliminary investigations, the bureau said, not only that but he was also allowed to leave Singapore. While the passports of the detained persons are usually confiscated during the investigation.

In this regard, CPIB has said that it looks at each case separately and considers requests for overseas travel, in this context it has accepted hotel tycoon Ong’s request for overseas travel. Subject to a guarantee of one thousand dollars.

The CPIB added that Ong would have to report to the CPIB and hand over his passport to the bureau upon his return to Singapore.

It should be noted that Ong is a Malaysian citizen who is a permanent resident of Singapore and is the managing director of Hotel Properties Limited, which owns high-end hotels and resorts in locations around Asia and the Pacific.

The department concerned did not disclose the details of the case or the investigation, but the news has shaken the entire state and is seen as a shock as the cabinet ministers are all in the private sector to deal with corruption in the country. Salary equal to those earning more than

The investigation by the powerful Anti-Corruption Bureau to the head of the transport department was widened after it was revealed that hotel industry tycoon Ong was being investigated, with revelations of the corruption reaching the said minister.

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