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It happened in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: A woman who grew up with others in Saudi Arabia has found her real family after 35 years.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi woman found out 35 years later that the place where she was living was not her own but her real parents. The girl returned to her original family years later.

The report said that the woman reached her original home but her mother has passed away and she passed away without seeing her. She was born at a private hospital in the Saudi city of Makkah. The girl belonged to a rich family but was handed over to a poor family.

The daughter of the said family was handed over to a rich family. The Meccan woman says she always thought that her color, shape, nose shape did not match the family, and the marriage was a family affair.

The Saudi girl said she had her DNA taken out on suspicion, thus revealing the fact that she had nothing to do with the family in which she grew up, a mistake made by a government hospital. Later, a woman from Makkah reached the General Court with a DNA report and filed a case.

Following the trial, the real parents of the Saudi woman were identified. The accountability department also ruled in favor of the girl and ordered to pay Rs 2 million as compensation to the government hospital.


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