Israel’s system of government is based on racism, Amnesty International

A report by the international human rights organization Amnesty International states that Israel is pursuing a policy of racism, confiscation of Palestinian land and property, extrajudicial killings and deprivation of rights.

The more than 200-page report states that Israel is pursuing a system of racial discrimination against the Palestinians, and Amnesty International has called on the International Criminal Court to investigate.

According to US media, the report states that the Israeli state has adopted policies that establish a system of oppression and repression against the Palestinians. According to the organization, it took 4 years to prepare this report.

The report calls on the international community to suspend military and economic aid to Israel. The International Criminal Court should investigate any possible crimes against humanity committed by Israel and Hamas during the conflict.

Following the report, Amnesty International has joined the ranks of a number of human rights organizations that have accused Israel of pursuing policies of racism, occupation of Palestinian property and deprivation of rights.

Palestinian officials in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank have welcomed the report. A Hamas spokesman said the report “accurately reflects the lives of Palestinians.” However, Israeli officials strongly denied the report and called on Amnesty International to withdraw it.






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