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Israel’s deputy mayor attacks Pedro Sánchez: “I don’t know why Sánchez came, even Hamas thanked him”

Israel's deputy mayor attacks Pedro Sánchez:

Pedro Sánchez’s comments and actions during his recent visit to Israel have sparked strong criticism from Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. In an interview on the Antena 3 program “Espejo Público” Israeli politicians expressed their disapproval of the Spanish president.

Hassan-Nahoum questioned the reason for Pedro Sánchez’s visit, stating: “I don’t know why Pedro Sanchez came to Israel. To tell us the laws of war when we are the ones who respect them most in this area? the criticism of the opposition under Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

During the interview, Hassan-Nahoum expressed his dissatisfaction with Sánchez’s statements on the situation in the Gaza Strip. “The problem is that no one understands the reality we live here. Pedro Sánchez says we kill children indiscriminately. It is a lie“explained the politician. When asked what most outrages the Israeli people, the deputy mayor highlighted Sánchez’s release of radicals from prison and questioned the Spanish president’s authority to teach Israel lessons about peace and accused him of not opening a history book to understand the complexity of the conflict.

Ironically, Hassan-Nahoum noted: “Wow, look how clever this man is in saying we need peace. We didn’t know, he told us something we didn’t know.”. Eventually he came to the conclusion that Sánchez did not leave a positive impression in Israel and that the Spanish President’s visit caused a stir and controversy.

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