Israeli soldiers jailed for abusing Palestinians

Israel’s military court sent soldiers to prison for mistreating Palestinians.

An Israeli military court has sentenced three Israeli soldiers to short prison terms for abusing a Palestinian man and obstructing an investigation into the incident.

This is an unusual punishment by the military against members of its own forces.

Hundreds of cases of martyrdom of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli forces were neither investigated nor punished.

Human rights organizations regularly accuse Israel of prosecuting only a fraction of alleged crimes committed by Israeli soldiers against Palestinians.

The Israeli military said in a statement that the soldiers were convicted of abuse, exceeding their authority and endangering the life or health of a person.

The indictment states that the three soldiers as well as the fourth soldier put the Palestinian man in a car and took him to an unknown location.

The statement said that the Palestinian man was tortured while being transported and later left in a remote location.

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