‘Israeli Prime Minister has thrown the country into a ditch’

JERUSALEM: Israel’s opposition political coalition has sharply criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu, saying Netanyahu has pushed the country into the abyss.

Israeli media and Arab News According to reports, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid has said that Netanyahu is a threat to Israel’s national security.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yves Gallant from his post yesterday, after he rejected the court’s amendments, drawing criticism from the Prime Minister.

After his dismissal, Yves Gallant said that the security of the State of Israel was and always would be the mission of his life, commenting that the Israeli National Unity Coalition had never before fired a defense minister for warning of a security threat. went.

Coalition leaders said that Netanyahu is determined to drive Israel into the abyss, that the country faces a real threat and that Netanyahu has put himself ahead of Israel’s security. Behaving like a dictator.

It should be noted that hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Israel took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday and blocked a main highway in protest against Netanyahu.

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