Israeli official urinates at scene of death of five Palestinians

The images were massively shared and shocked public opinion. An Israeli official was filmed urinating at the scene of the murder of five Palestinians, near Nazareth. The behavior of Chanamel Dorfman, the chief of staff of the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir was relayed by the Middle East Monitor Tuesday.

” Shame on you ! »

Accompanied by members of the security and surrounded by residents, the Israeli official did not hesitate to urinate in public. In the video, captured by a witness to the scene, one of the residents can be heard calling out to Chanamel Dorfman. ” Shame on you ! Can’t you see where you relieve yourself when there are women and children around you? exclaims a witness to the scene.

Then the member of the Israeli government returns to the security personnel. “Absolutely scandalous”, “a disgusting act”, “shame on him”… The incident provoked a myriad of indignant reactions on social networks. However, the Israeli government has not reacted for the moment.

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