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Israel shows its confidence in the F-35 with an official request to purchase a squadron of Lockheed Martin fighters

Israel shows its confidence in the F-35 with an official request to purchase a squadron of Lockheed Martin fighters

If there’s one country that believes in the capabilities of the F-35 stealth plane, it’s Israel. This Sunday Defense Secretary Yoav Gallant sent a letter of inquiry to the US and the arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin to acquire a third squadron of 25 F-35s. If this request is confirmed, this small country will middle East would happen to be 75 Fifth generation aircraft.

According to the schedule maintained by the Israeli authorities, the Air Force would receive three aircraft per year starting in 2027, the Jerusalem Post newspaper reports. Defense officials view the F-35 as a key asset for Threats from Iran and Syria and in particular for an attack operation to stop Iran’s nuclear program thanks to stealth technology and surveillance capabilities.

The operation will cost $3,000 million, and the trade deal between the United States and Israeli governments includes the commitment of Lockheed Martin and the engine maker Pratt & Whitney involve Israeli military companies in the production of components for the aircraft to be purchased.

Israel developed this with Lockheed Martin F-35i “Adir” version (“Poseidon” in Hebrew), tailored to the specific operational needs of the country. Israeli defense contractors that are part of the contract will have access to the aircraft’s advanced digital architecture, including its communications systems, electronic warfare and surveillance suite, and mission control hardware. One of the most notable advances is the integration of Israeli electronic systems that makes it possible superior electronic warfare capability and better interoperability with other Israeli defense systems.

Experts believe that the F-35 can successfully dodge it S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system Russian from Iran and even that S-400 system. Joshua Shani, CEO of Lockheed Martin Israel, said in July he was proud to “support the Israel Defense Forces in delivering the F-35 and was honored that the Israeli government announced its intention to supply more F-35s.” to buy”. “Using a combination of stealth, sensor fusion and electronic warfare, the fifth-generation F-35 will ensure the Israel Air Force stays one step ahead of current and evolving threats,” he added.

The first appearance of an Israeli F-35 was in May 2018 with the Israel Air Force Israel executed a Israel unveils the F-35, the world’s most advanced military aircraft, in combat. In response to the Iranian challenge and with the goal of maintaining military superiority in the region, Israel installed its first F-35s in 2016.

Sources cited by JPost assert that the purchase of these 25 aircraft could have happened some time ago, but political instability with multiple general elections prevented long-term defense budgets from being drawn up.

The Israeli press reminds that not everything in the F-35 program was a success. It is mentioned F-35 crash in US in December 2022, an incident that forced the grounding of part of its F-35 fleet. It is also talked about Cockpit software technology issues of the stealth aircraft, for which a technical solution was found last year that allowed the planned deliveries to continue.

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