Israel opens a new step for humanitarian entry into the Gaza Strip

The Israeli government released a statement this Friday In it, it confirmed the initiation of a new step to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip: Kerem Shalom, which, just as Rafah is on the border between Egypt and Israel, should be made possible as an access point to the Gaza Strip.

The only border point open so far is also in the south, in Rafah, a city where they are concentrated. most of the nearly 1.8 million displaced Palestinians since the outbreak of hostilities.

With the opening of the pass in Kerem Shalom, Netanyahu’s government hopes to ease access to Rafah to fulfill the last commitment made with the United States: “Israel has committed itself – with the United States- to transport two hundred trucks a day with food and humanitarian aid from Egypt for the civilian population in Gaza,” said the Israeli government statement, adding the previous passage in Rafah It only allowed daily access to a hundred trucks carrying humanitarian aid.

During the conflict, the position of Kerem Shalom was used as a checkpoint for the Israeli authorities, who managed the entry and exit of trucks carrying food and medical supplies in this enclave.

After the inspection was passed, the trucks were sent there Rafah invades Gaza: As the Israeli government has explained, the congestion of the passage “prevented the implementation of the agreement between Israel and the United States“So far it is activated Kerem Shalom as a transit point.

With this measure, Israeli authorities hope to double the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, which the United Nations has declared cas “uninhabitable”, due to the lack of food and the lack of drinking water and electricity Associations such as Doctors Without Borders have denounced this.

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The United States is limiting its support

This announcement came hours after the US Security Secretary’s visit to Israel. Jake Sullivanwho conveyed Joe Biden’s position to Netanyahu at this point in the conflict: the President of USA the Israeli government has asked for it “more careful” in his operation in Gaza and has declared that the Hebrew land “starts to lose support” in the international community.

Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallant, has stated that the operation against Hamas could last “longer than several months,” despite the United States’ desire to end the conflict soon.

Since a state of war was declared in Israel, there has been an attack by Hamas terrorists last October 7th It is estimated that they died in Gaza about 18,800 Palestinian citizens, and that another 50,800 are injuredAccording to the Gaza Ministry of Health controlled by Hamas.

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