Israel launches a “widespread attack” on Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon

He Israeli army has announced the start of one Wave of “widespread air strikes” against the militias of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah South of Lebanonscene for weeks Artillery exchange in the context of the Gaza war. Until six soldiers were injured by attacks north of the border.

The attacks reached, according to a military statement Hezbollah rocket launch sites, militia facilities and other infrastructure.

Local sources have informed the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient le Jour about Israeli attacks on the outskirts of the cities Aita el Chaab, Aitaroun, Kounine, Blida, Mhaibib And Yaroun.

The Israeli Defense Forces have confirmed this two soldiers were “moderately” injured and four others were “slightly” injured from shrapnel and smoke inhalation during a Hezbollah drone attack on a base.

Lebanese militias were launched two drones that were shot down by the anti-aircraft system Iron domeaccording to the Israeli army, in an attack that Hezbollah has already claimed as its own.

The Army has confirmed it will continue implementation new attacks in the area in the next few hours.

The Israeli army has also confirmed in the last few hours that two soldiers were deployed Slightly injured from shrapnel and smoke inhalation from a Hezbollah drone attack on a base in the western Galilee.

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