“Israel is at the height of a third world war,” its foreign minister warns

Israel’s new Foreign Minister Israel Katz said this Tuesday that the country is capable “Heyday” of a Third World War against Iran and radical Islam, Statements he made in Jerusalem at an event where he accepted the new position from his predecessor Eli Cohen.

“We will achieve our goal of overthrowing Hamas,” said Katz, whose main goal was to return to their homes the hostages held captive by Palestinian militants since October 7.

“Our obligation as a country and as a ministry is, above all, to bring the hostages home with new initiatives and apply global pressure,” he said. A promise that he then emphasized on his social network account

Last week, the role reversal between Katz and Cohen, who now takes over the energy portfolio, took effect as part of the rotation agreement the Likud reached last year. Katz, who previously held the position between February 2019 and May 2020, takes over the foreign affairs portfolio amid the military campaign in Gaza and at a crucial moment for Israeli diplomacy. Criticized by much of the international community for his bloody response to the October 7 attacks.

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