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Israel: Hunger-stricken Palestinian prisoner in critical condition

JERUSALEM: A Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike in Israel is in critical condition and has been hospitalized.

According to the details, Hisham Abu Hawash, who has been protesting against his detention for refusing to eat for almost 140 days, is in danger of incurable health damage. Hisham is also facing possible tragic loss of life.

Hisham Abu Hawash, 40, who has been on a hunger strike for several months, has been detained by Israeli forces since August without charge, while Palestinians are demanding his release from Israel.

His wife, Ayesha Harbat, told the media on Sunday that Hisham’s condition was “extremely dangerous” and that he had not been able to speak since yesterday, not knowing what was going on around him.

The wife fears that even after the end of her hunger strike, she may face serious problems. Ayesha said that her lawyers are filing an immediate appeal in the Israeli Supreme Court against her detention. ۔

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says medical teams from Abu Hawash have found him in critical condition and that he needs specialist medical care.

It should be noted that Israel has placed a Palestinian citizen on the list of suspects under the controversial law. According to the controversial law, Israeli forces can detain any Palestinian for 6 months by declaring him a suspect.


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