Israel approves the opening of another humanitarian border crossing into Gaza to relieve pressure on Rafah

The Israeli government approved this on FridayThe entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom postto relieve the only one approved so far, that of Rafah.

Kerem Shalom, in southern Israel near Egypt, already acts as a checkpoint for aid trucks heading into the Palestinian Strip, but once checked they must pass through the Rafah border crossing. which leads to “big traffic jams” theresaid a statement from the Israeli government.

“Israel – together with the United States – has committed to a transfer Two hundred trucks a day carrying food and humanitarian aid from Egypt for the civilian population of Gaza,” he recalled.

But the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt only has capacity for one hundred trucks per day, which “prevented the implementation of the agreement between Israel and the United States,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s executive added.

“The temporary measure is to unload the trucks on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing instead of letting them return to Rafah,” he demanded to accelerate the receipt of assistance in line with this commitmentthe statement says.

“The United States is committed to funding the modernization of the Rafah border crossing as quickly as possible,” he added.

Nearly 18,800 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli offensive began

Rafah concentrates Nearly 1.8 million Gazans have been displaced within the Gaza Striparound 80 percent of the Gaza Strip’s population, with a severe humanitarian crisis due to the Israeli military offensive in the coastal enclave.

The Islamist group Hamas launched on October 7th an attack against Israel that claimed more than 1,200 lives and nearly 240 kidnapped people brought to Gaza.

Israel declared a state of war and began a military operation by air, land and sea in the Palestinian enclave, where it already exists Almost 18,800 dead and more than 50,800 injuredsaid the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry.

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