Israel announces the end of the “intense phase” of the war in northern Gaza and soon in the south

The Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, announced the end of the this Monday “Intensive phase” of the war in northern Gaza Stripand announced that it will soon also end in the area Jan Yuniswhere fighting is now concentrated in the south of the enclave.

Gallant explained that troops are deployed Lower intensity operations in the north of the Gaza Strip, “after defeating all the Hamas battalions in the area,” on the same day that the Israeli army reported the withdrawal of one of the divisions operating in the enclave, of which three remain.

“The intensive phase will soon end in the southern Gaza Strip”In a press conference, Gallant referred to the battle of Khan Younis, a Hamas stronghold in the south, without giving an exact calendar.

The minister noted that Israeli troops in Khan Younis are focused on finding “the head of the snake,” referring to the Hamas leadership They believe it is hiding in the underground tunnels of this city.

Israel's priority is to hunt down the Hamas leader within the enclave. Yahya Sinwarand at the head of his military wing, Mohamed Deifboth looked at the brain brutal attack on Israeli soil on October 7thin which more than 1,200 people died and around 250 were kidnapped.

“Also “We have cut off the roads leading to Rafah above and below ground.”Gallant said about cutting communications between Khan Younis and Rafah in the southern end of the enclave to prevent Hamas leaders from escaping.

In the north of the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli army has almost complete military control, troops are already conducting low-intensity operations “to locate the remaining Hamas sites and …” kill or capture the last agents of the terrorist group”the minister clarified.

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Withdraw one of the four divisions stationed in Gaza to rest

The Israeli Defense Forces reported this on Monday Withdrawal of the 36th Army Divisionone of the four stationed in the Gaza Strip to facilitate their work Rest and training. This short withdrawal is part of a long-term war strategy and Forecast of a possible escalation of the conflict on the border with Lebanon.

This department was in the area Zeiton, Shati, Shejaya, Rimal – in the north of the Gaza Strip – and in the refugee camps in the center of the Palestinian enclave. “Tank companies of engineers and infantry fought side by side with the help of artillery and in close cooperation with the air force and the navy. “They attacked terrorist targets, eliminated hundreds of terrorists and destroyed tens of kilometers of tunnels,” Israel stressed in a military statement.

The 162nd Division continues its “cleanup” duties in the north of the Gaza Strip, while the 99th Division is stationed in the center of the enclave and the 98th Division is stationed in Khan Yunis and the south of the territory.

In December, Israel withdrew five brigades from the Gaza Strip after a reduction in the intensity of fighting in the northern part of the enclave.

The Israeli armed forces also reported this Monday that they had begun operations in the area Nuseiratwhere they attacked a school where they were eight Hamas members barricaded themselves who were arrested and taken to Israel for interrogation. There was a weapons depot in this area.

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