Israel and Palestine agreed to a ceasefire, the United States welcomed it

After 5 days of attacks, Israel and Palestine agreed to a ceasefire. The US welcomed the ceasefire announcement and praised the Egyptian government for brokering the deal.

According to the news agency, Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement agreed to a cease-fire that took effect at 10 p.m. The Egyptian government called on all parties to abide by the agreement.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said in a statement that U.S. officials worked with regional partners to resolve the conflict to prevent further loss of life and restore peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. can go.

This was not immediately confirmed by Israeli officials. However, the agreement document states that both sides will abide by the cease-fire, which includes targeting civilians, demolishing houses, and immediately ending the targeting of individuals once the ceasefire comes into effect.

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