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Israel and Hamas announce extension of ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

Israel confirms fourth hostage exchange: Hamas releases eleven more people

The humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues for another day. following an “in extremis” agreement between the parties.

Israel’s military defense spokesman released a statement announcing the continuation of the attack “Pause in operations” against the terrorist group HamasTherefore, the ceasefire in Gaza remains in effect until further notice.

The extension of the break was achieved as part of the Joint mediation by the State of Qatar, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Statesand the conditions include a ceasefire and the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al Ansari reported in a statement.

This extends the humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for another daytoday Thursday, under the same previous conditions.

Israel could reach a new hostage exchange agreement

According to what the Israeli Cabinet decided days ago, This phase of the ceasefire cannot be extended for a total of more than ten days.. If this is fulfilled, an extension of just four more days would be possible at best, unless a new agreement is reached that provides for the release of a further category of abducted persons.

The announcement made in extremis is made after the release of 16 hostages – two of them with Israeli nationals and another four Thais – who are already in the hands of the Red Cross on their way to Israeli territory as part of the pact between Israel and Hamas.

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