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Israel and Hamas agree to extend the ceasefire in Gaza for two more days

The Red Cross takes in 17 hostages released by Hamas, including 14 Israelis and 3 Thais

Qatari authorities announced on Monday that Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) had reached another agreement extend the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for another two days.

The spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry, Majed al Ansarihas indicated that “as part of the ongoing negotiations, an agreement has been reached to extend the humanitarian ceasefire for two more days” in Gaza, according to a message distributed via his X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Previously, Al Ansari noted that the parties are holding a series of talks to extend the ceasefire that has been in effect for four days, while the Egyptian government – which is also acting as a mediator – has proposed a two-day extension in exchange for the Release of 20 more hostages.

These plans also provide for Release of another ten hostages per day, while Israel would agree to hand over 30 Palestinian prisoners. The ratio of one hostage per three prisoners, which characterized the agreements between the parties from the outset, would therefore be maintained.

Israel will continue to attack Gaza even after the ceasefire

However, he added that this was after this temporary ceasefire Israel would continue to attack with violence until they achieve their war goals.

In addition, the international community is calling for an extension of the ceasefire.

This is what was expressed by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenbergwho asked this Monday to extend the military pause to make this possible the release of more hostages and “urgently needed assistance” to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“I demand an extension of the ceasefire. This would provide much-needed relief and free more hostages,” the Norwegian politician told a press conference ahead of the upcoming meeting of Atlantic Alliance foreign ministers Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels.

In Israel, civilian pressure is increasing on the government and army to do everything in their power to send all hostages back to Israel, as was evident last Saturday in Tel Aviv, where thousands of people gathered for the 50-day commemoration gathered war to again demand the release of the prisoners.

Until now, The exchange of abductees for prisoners took place on timeexcept for a tense delay on Saturday after Hamas denounced an alleged breach of the deal by Israel.

58 hostages freed by Hamas

Within three days, Hamas handed over 39 Israeli hostages to the Red Cross as part of the agreement with the Netanyahu executive, in addition to another 19 people not included in the pact, including 17 Thais, a Filipino and a Russian-Israeli.

Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7 after the Islamist group fired more than 4,000 rockets and infiltrated about 3,000 militants They killed about 1,200 people and kidnapped more than 240 in Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s air, sea and ground forces have since counterattacked the Palestinian enclave, where there are already such More than 14,800 dead, most of them children and women, and more than 7,000 are estimated to be missing under the rubbleso the death toll could be even higher.

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