Israel: a Muslim judge will sit for the first time on the Supreme Court

Israel’s Judicial Appointments Commission has appointed a Muslim judge for the first time to sit on the Supreme Court, the country’s highest judicial authority, as announced by the Justice Ministry on Monday (February 21st).

Judge Khaled Kabub, 63 and vice president of the Tel Aviv District Court, is among four new judges appointed by this nine-person commission: judges, lawyers and lawmakers, as well as two serving ministers .

An institution criticized for its decisions

In the past, Christian Arab judges have been appointed to the Supreme Court. The only Muslim to have sat there had acted in 1999. Khaled Khabub, a native of Jaffa, in the center of the country, had been approached in 2017 for this position, without being named.

The Israeli Supreme Court, called upon to rule on questions affecting society, the economy or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is often criticized for its decisions. It acts both as the ultimate court for criminal and civil matters, and as the guarantor of the constitutionality of laws and the conformity of government decisions.

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