Isi Palazón: “I am ambitious, but at Rayo Vallecano I am happy”

Isaac Palazón (Cieza, Murcia, 1994) unleashes madness wherever he goes. Before his appointment with AS he wears a banner in training asking for an autograph and during it, shouts of ‘Isi, Selection’ are heard repeatedly. Some of amateurs; others of companions. He is a dear guy. His self-confidence and his quality support this thesis. His volley goal against Osasuna reminded Zidane, his childhood idol. He is from Vallecas, the place where he lives. His site.

– has been unleashed isimaniahow are you doing?

“As naturally as possible.” The world of football changes nothing. One day you can be very high and another, low. I try to enjoy the moment. I have earned it. I have worked a lot to get here.

—Vallecas, Cieza… has everyone in a state of revolution.

—It is being a very beautiful moment on a personal level, although I do not like to talk about the individual in this sport. The fans are grateful. There are people who always wait for me and see how long it takes me to leave because I keep treating myself. When you’re in a bad mood because the game didn’t go well, it lifts your spirits.

“How many times have you seen his volley goal against Osasuna?

—I was last weekend in Cieza. People, who know me, stopped me all the time to show me. They put it on me and I said: ‘Yeah, I’ve seen it 50,000 times’ (laughs). The kids are very excited. I love talking to people.

—It was a goal from Zidane, his idol as a child…

—My father has always liked it and in the end it attracts our attention the same as theirs. He paid a lot of attention to his way of playing. I’ve had Luca as a partner and I’ve never told him! Imagine how he must be when they talk about his father (laughs).

“My father gave me a cane for the penalty with Trejo. It was an excess of courage “


—His father Isaac would tell him the other day that he became a Zidane…

-No no. My father is prudent with the good, that’s what the rest is for (laughs). He already had to put a cane on me with the penalty. When he tells me something it’s because of some mistake I’ve made or some gesture he didn’t like.

—What did you say about the wrong indirect penalty?

—That perhaps it was not the moment and that it was very difficult due to the VAR issue, but that life is for the brave and you have to try. He tries to always see the positive side of things. The penalty has remained an anecdote that we will remember for a long time.

—Now, with perspective, how do you perceive it?

“It was excessive bravery.” With the VAR it is difficult for it to come out, but it takes thousandths of a second to decide. Trejo and I did it that way and well… an anecdote.

—What did you feel when you scored that Osasuna goal, which put an end to the losing streak? Vallecas chanted: ‘Isi, Selection’.

-Happiness. It can’t be explained… Seeing the people… I look at their faces when I’m going to celebrate a goal, mine or my teammates. On the other hand, Girona came to mind, that we were winning and in the end they tied us. I thought about giving my all until 90′, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want victory to slip away from us.

“I would like to work with Imanol. I love the way he is and how he plays”


—With salvation already well on track (40 points), can you dream of Europe?

—The team has always been very cautious about that. We learned from last year’s experience. Most of the players have taken more filming in First Division, we know how difficult it is to win… And in the second laps everyone pushes. In the end, we spoil people, because we are also people and we have physical and mental downturns… The others only see us at the weekend and we must win, but doing it in First Division is difficult. Rayo, despite the bad run, has known how to enjoy and work. We were aware that victory would end up coming. People are also calmer… There are still many points left and the more we get, the better.

Now it’s time to visit Anoeta.

—Two weighty bulls are coming, two important rivals (Real Sociedad and Barça), but the team is prepared to compete. Let’s go with a winning mentality. We are getting good results against the greats. Let’s hope it stays that way…

—He has confessed that he would like to have Imanol Alguacil as a coach in the future…

-I would like to. He is doing things very well at Real. I love the way he is and plays, associative… Even his body language, how he addresses his players from the bench. I don’t know him personally, but some colleagues have told me about him and they point out that he is a very good person and a very good coach.

—They will receive Barça next Wednesday, at 10:00 p.m….

—But we know that the people of Vallecas will not fail! For us it is a disappointment, because when a big person comes we want the neighborhood to be able to enjoy themselves. Despite having to work the next day, I put my hand in the fire for the fans, who will go and support us.

“RdT has an incredible heart and goals run through his veins”


—What is the best and the worst of being Isi right now?

—The best, the moment I’m living. Worst? There is nothing I can complain about. My mentality changed a long time ago. That has been part of the success. And in bad times, I try to see the positive.

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—Whenever it scores, Rayo scores. Their numbers show an evolution…

—At the beginning of the season I said it, I wanted to take a step forward in terms of statistics. This year I have more impact because goals rule. From the coaching staff they are giving me confidence with the set pieces… On a collective level, we have all taken a step forward so that this Rayo can do something nice. And that is important because you can see that the team has ambition.

-He is in his best moment?

“This is possibly the best moment of my career. My external part tells me that, but internally I know that I can give more and I am ambitious. I have room for improvement and we can achieve many more things, individually and collectively. That makes me have my feet on the ground.

—Speaking of goals and confidence, whathow is RT?

—We coincided with the Real Madrid first-year cadet. Raúl helped me a lot because it was the first time I had left my town and he was in the residence, despite being from Madrid. And since we were both a little unruly (laughs)We were together from Monday to Friday. We messed it up at school… buah. They punished us a lot. He’s a motherfuckin’ dude. A lot of people write him off for his facade, but he has an amazing heart. Everyone knows the capacity that he possesses and, that they are not entering, he does not mean anything. A goal runs through Raúl de Tomás’s veins.

Juan AguadoACE DAILY

—How do you feel about listening to: ‘Isi, Selection’?

—It’s difficult because sometimes flattery weakens you. I don’t want those comments to do it. The ‘Isi, Selección’ thing makes me very funny because I am a person who has charisma, who likes me… I know. But here in the squad there are players, not just Isi, who could go to the National Team. If it wasn’t me and it was another partner I would be just as happy or even more.

—How have you experienced those moments on the lists?

—We are always waiting for a Rayo player to show up. Hope is the last thing to be lost… The better things go collectively, the more opportunities any of us will have to go.

—His story of overcoming captivates. Real Madrid and Villarreal rejected him, he worked in the garden and now he’s succeeding…

—In Ponferrada and here I have had very human groups, in which no one has believed more than anyone else. It has taken all of us a lot to reach the elite. They have made it difficult for us. And that makes you value things. This locker room is close and enjoyable. I have taken many no’s. Well, like everyone. You, I… I have been very constant and I have believed a lot in myself. The people around me have helped me and that is important. I have had difficult moments, but like everyone. Mine have not been more than others. Just because you get rejected three or four times doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Maybe it wasn’t the right place or time.

—But he did think of throwing in the towel…

-Yeah. They were clubs that understand a lot about football… What sustained me was my environment.

“If I don’t go with the National Team and they call a teammate, I would be just as happy or more”


—He doesn’t forget his origins, he celebrates his goals by picking peaches…

—Things are going well for me, but you must never forget your people. Cieza has given me a lot. And I see the effort, the perseverance… of the people to make ends meet. My family is also humble, they have worked all their lives.

—Now he lives in Vallecas…

—Yes, in the Ensanche. It is quality of life to be here next door. Now I have bought a house, because it is an investment. I am very happy in Madrid. I like being in the street, seeing people, being able to do whatever I want any day of the week, gastronomy… And I’m close to home. When I played in Ponferrada my parents could go up a little. Here, every weekend I have my friends and my family. It’s a ride.

—And how is the day to day in Vallecas? One day he created expectation in a Mercadona…

—It’s not that I like it, but you have to go shopping (laughs). I help with things around the house. People are very respectful, when I go out for a coffee or to buy I never feel overwhelmed. People look at me, they know who I am, I greet them… But that day there were too many children in the Mercadona (laughs). One was released and they all went. Then I got home and read it on Twitter, but it wasn’t that bad.

“Being rejected doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Maybe it wasn’t the time.”


—He’s going to do a campus in the summer.

-Yeah! It will be very cool! I am very involved with the town. Now I am a known person there and I like to be with children. I always walk like this because, since I live in a school, the kids are there.

-In a college?

—My father is the janitor and we live inside the compound. We have like a little house. It has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my life because I had a patio to myself. He would call my friends, like, come here and play hide-and-seek, basketball, badminton… whatever. My technical and physical abilities have evolved more because if I didn’t do one sport, I did another. That has been essential.

—The fans fear that he will leave… Will Isi stay?

—I have a contract and I still have many years left here. I am happy and I give a lot of importance to that… I am also ambitious and I want to continue advancing in my career, but for now I see myself here because I am happy.

—Does it make you dizzy to think about the future? Many end their contract, starting with the coach…

—You have to be calm and finish the season as well as possible. I am short-sighted, I do not like to think beyond the Real. When the League ends, I’m sure the club will make an effort to design a competitive team. The coach has won to decide where to go. And his decision will be fine…

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