ISDI, the new startup accelerator creating 452 companies

According to data from Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, we can affirm that Spain is a country of SMEs. But of the more than 3 million companies that represent this segment, 56% do not have employees and 43% are micro or small companiesTherefore, the role of startups as job generators in Spain stands as a sector to take into account.

A good example of this is ISDI, the business school of the digital age, which has established itself as a launch pad for startups thanks to the focus they have placed on the importance of training and the boost that their entrepreneurship programs entail. In the last 10 years, the school’s master’s degrees have promoted the creation of a total of 452 companies that have reached a turnover of 180 million euros and have also generated 15,000 direct jobs. In addition, it should be noted that of all of them, 65% of startups are still active today. A representative data if one takes into account that 90% of this type of companies fail after 3 years, according to the “Entrepreneurship Map 2020 ” presented by Spain Startup at the last South Summit.

Specialized training and methodology learning by doing, a differentiating factor in startups

“56% of our students who have started come from the MIB, a 360º program focused on digital business and a“ learning by doing ”methodology. Digitizing and working with a real project is the best personal test to know if they are ready to launch their own project “, it states Rodrigo Miranda, General Director of ISDI. Some of the most outstanding projects that have been drawn up in ISDI classrooms are the outlet supermarket chain of leading brands, Primaprix, the live music and events marketplace WeGow, the IoT platform to monitor air quality and noise, Bettair Cities or Footers, the digital platform for football clubs to have their own TV, among many others.

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Of the 452 companies that have been developed, the city where they have been most concentrated has been Madrid (60%) with 270 projects, followed by Barcelona (22%) with 101 projects and the remaining 81 spread over various areas of the Spanish geography such as the Balearic Islands, the Basque Country or Galicia, and even internationally with companies in the US, Austria, Germany, Italy and Holland.

By sectors, that of Marketing y Comunicación takes the lead with 61 startups launched, followed by Retail (49), Internet Services or Support (40), Strategic Consulting (37), IT, Software or Technology (34), FMCG -High turnover consumer goods- (22) or Financial Services (16).

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