Home Sports Isco, in the sights of a great of the Liga MX

Isco, in the sights of a great of the Liga MX

Isco, in the sights of a great of the Liga MX

iscothe Spanish player, has been inactive in the world of football since December 2022, when he ended his relationship with the Seville after the arrival of coach Sampaoli.

The former Real Madrid player has been looking for a new team ever since and is known to have tried to join Union Berlin during the winter transfer window, however something prevented the transfer from going through.

Isco, in the sights of a great of the Liga MX

As the summer transfer window approaches, several teams from around the world have expressed interest in Isco, with a Liga MX side from Mexico joining the list of possible destinations for the player: Blue Cross.

Cruz Azul have been looking for a star signing for their squad for some time now, having tried unsuccessfully to sign the likes of Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani and Radamel Falcao in the past.

Now, the team from the capital is determined to make an effort to convince Isco to join their project. Although the exact figures that will be offered to attract Isco are unknown, it is known that the club is willing to make a very tempting offer for the player. It is believed that it would have to be the best salary in the squad to persuade Alarcón.

Cruz Azul has been enjoying a strong run in Liga MX of late, reaching the finals in recent tournaments and always being a title contender. The addition of a player of Isco’s caliber would certainly give a huge boost to the team’s chances.

On the other hand, the signing of Isco could also benefit the Spanish player, since Liga MX is known for being a competitive environment but less demanding than the main European leagues. It could be a chance for Isco to get his form back and show his talent in a new environment.

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