Is this a bull trap? David takes a look at bitcoin, ethereum and phantom

As the rally of Bitcoin and many alts continues, FOMO is mounting among many investors. Is this a bull trap or just the beginning of a big one bull run? At what levels should I buy more? Is it time to go all in? Will Bitcoin ever drop below $20k? These are the questions I’ve been getting a lot this past week and in this video I’ll answer them, share my view on the market and also discuss support and resistance levels of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fantom.

Bitcoin, NFTs and Stocks

David has been active with cryptocurrencies since 2013. In 2018, he became part of the Crypto Insiders team, sharing price updates and macro updates on a weekly basis. In 2021, in addition to his work as a shareholder at Catena Investments, he will be a Youtube Channel started to share his knowledge and insights about investing in cryptos, shares, NFTs and other assets. Do you want to know more about his vision and insights? Then follow him on his Youtube Channel!

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