Is “TheGrefg’s ESLAND Awards Gala: Saying Goodbye to Another Year?”

TheGrefg Speaks About the Possible Farewell to ESLAND

Loudly Streamed Lands (ESLAND) is a yearly event in the world of content creation, growing significantly since its inception by creator TheGrefg. The latest edition, held in Andorra, has left an unforgettable mark. Unfortunately, TheGrefg has acknowledged in his latest live broadcast that this might be the end of the ESLAND awards.

TheGrefg, a streamer from Murcia, has openly discussed this matter, stating that while there’s a 60% chance of a fourth installment, it’s not certain. The streamer cited the significant expenses required to host the event, which exceed $1 million. TheGrefg is determined to not invest more than 40% of his annual income in these awards, stating, "The ESLANDs will be held if the expenses can be covered by the income."

TheGrefg’s decision is clear: ESLAND will continue to exist only if it can be financed without him taking a loss. While the streamer isn’t interested in profiting from these events, it’s evident that he can’t continue to lose such large sums each edition. TheGrefg mentioned that he would consider other measures, such as the entry of sponsors, to move forward with ESLAND in the future.

Possible Farewell to ESLAND: TheGrefg Speaks About the Future

In a recent live broadcast, TheGrefg openly discussed the possibility of a farewell to the ESLAND awards. The creator of the event stated that while there are more chances of the gala having a fourth edition, it’s not certain.

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