Is the gaming industry becoming more eco-conscious?

As time passed and difficulties with the environment became more evident, users began to look for greener alternatives to replace their usual practices. In this way, habits and hobbies are maintained, but their negative impact on the environment is lessened.

For a greener future: the gaming industry measures

One of the key industries of these times is gaming: on consoles, computers, mobile phones or casinos, it is one of the most widespread pastimes in society. Without going any further, the video game industry moves $200 billion a yearso it doesn’t hurt to try to make your consumption as responsible as possible.

So many game providers choose to stay strictly online, which saves energy, resources and more. Likewise, many digital establishments seek to operate with more sustainable means of payment, such as casinos that accept Ethereum payment method.

When it comes to video games and consoles, the most modern devices come with energy saving options that the user can configure to their liking, making the experience not only more personalized, but also more environmentally conscious.

Is Ethereum a green payment method?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that Ethereum is known as a “green blockchain”. In 2022, Ethereum implemented a mechanism that reduced by up to 99.9% the CO2 emissions associated with this cryptocurrency. In this way, establishments that choose to operate with this payment method are taking a step forward in the search for a greener future.

The User Role: How You Can Contribute

Despite everything listed above, from the user’s point of view things can get a little complicated. It is very difficult to be able to clearly and concisely elucidate how one can be a more environmentally friendly consumer without this meaning a total abandonment of the hobbies and practices that one enjoys most.

In addition, a major obstacle stands in the way of users and conscious practices: the lack of information or, in some cases, contradictions in the available information. For this reason, it’s hard for many people to figure out if their hobby industries are sustainable, or at least aiming for it.

Therefore, a fundamental question that cannot be left aside is your own research: as responsible users, it is essential to be able to internalize within the practices of the organizations in which you participate, be it an online casino, a video game studio or a brand of consoles . We cannot forget that information is power, and knowing the options that exist transforms the consumer into an individual with free will and the ability to make informed decisions.

Seeking that everything you do is 100% ecological can sometimes seem like a utopia. However, do not be discouraged. There will always be a series of measures that can be taken so that the current impact is reduced, thus minimizing the future impact.

The alternatives: stepping out of the comfort zone

Another great option users have when making greener or greener choices is to look for alternatives that are just as fun, but present themselves as more eco-conscious alternatives to traditional choices.

As mentioned earlier, choosing less energy-intensive alternative forms of payment like Ethereum (and, by extension, favoring the institutions that use them) is a good way to reduce negative emissions.

Following this line of thought, it may be interesting to explore entertainment options hitherto unknown to everyone. After all, the games are not reduced to the most popular options, but there is a great range of possibilities out there that can adapt to the tastes of each user and, as if it were little, result in a more conscious and friendly consumption for the environment. At the end of the day, it is worth remembering that the planet is one and it is among all its inhabitants that the future will become greener and more positive.

Without going any further, due to the paradigm shift that has occurred in recent years where games are not just a hobby but a fundamental means of entertainment or sometimes even a sport, companies are increasingly willing to look for more ecological alternatives so that consumers feel more comfortable using their products, a phenomenon that users can use to their advantage.

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