Is Teeth Whitening Safe For Your Health?

More and more popular with the French in recent years, tooth whitening is not entirely safe because of the use of hydrogen peroxide, which attacks tooth enamel.

The technique is simple: apply a gel containing hydrogen peroxide, also called hydrogen peroxide, to acidify tooth enamel and make teeth whiter, by penetrating them and cleaning them thoroughly.

Before that, it is nevertheless essential to have the opinion of a dentist to know the possible contraindications for the realization of this treatment, such as the presence of cavities, a gingival pathology or an overly fragile enamel.

The other advantage of this appointment could be the scaling provided by the specialist, which makes it possible to clean the teeth in order to benefit from a more effective action of the lightening product.

A product limited to 6% since 2012

These precautions are all the more necessary as the use of hydrogen peroxide is not a completely safe method, especially for tooth enamel which can be damaged.

This is also why the regulations changed in 2012 to limit the use of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching products used by dentists to 6%.

This development has therefore made it possible in particular to reduce the damage caused to dental enamel, directly targeted by the product. Also note that the lightening gel can also cause temporary dental sensitivities and irritate the gums. An upstream visit to a specialist is therefore all the more recommended.

For those who wish to take the plunge, the price of this technique performed by a recognized dentist varies from 400 to more than 1000 euros and it is not reimbursed by Social Security since it is an aesthetic intervention. .

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