Is Omar Sani a film hero or Mousumi’s son-in-law, the question is fresh

Actor Omar Sani lost his heart after marrying Moushumi. In other words, after marrying Moushumi, Omar Sani was unable to manage his career and fell into a mental dilemma. He is constantly giving his reward mentally. Actress Nutan thinks so. Not only that, the question whether Omar Sani is the hero or Mousumi’s son-in-law has also been raised in Nutan’s Facebook post.

Recently, while explaining the term beloved, actress Anjana was discussed on social media. In response to this, Omar gave a long post on Facebook on Thursday afternoon demanding to give Sani the title of intellectual.

Nutan said, ‘It is only a matter of time to demand the title of intellectual to Omar Sani. Omar Sani is my younger brother, very adorable, I saw him born in Bangladesh film. I said it with a little pride. ‘Imran’ was his name. Coming to FDC, working, in front of all eyes. Anyway, he has made a position, he has become an actor. I used to salute with my left hand, so I thought it was rude, I didn’t see a good boy later, but the benkateras walk on the left side.’

Referring to Omar Sani who deserves a national award, the actress said, ‘I also have such habits. He respects me for thinking, I know him as a brother. He is not lacking in respect, so prayers for him forever. Proof that I love him, I don’t know if Sunny ever won a National Film Award as an actor. As late as 2014 I know he didn’t get it. I had many regrets about it. Why was he not given? Whether he is worthy or not, those who give it know well. But he deserves a state award. If he doesn’t get the honor, he will get it, Insha’Allah.’

Pointing out that Moushumi has to pay the marriage fee to Omar Sani, Nutan said, ‘The biggest change and impact in Sunny’s life comes when he marries Moushumi. Moushumi’s brilliant film career after her marriage, and Sunny’s slightly falling career, gets mentally confused. He is constantly giving his reward mentally. He had to go through many ups and downs.’

While searching for the identity of actress Omar Sani, she said, ‘In tune with the times, she is losing her mind again and again by claiming her artificial intelligence or self-proclaimed genius to show the love of that mentality. Sometimes I think, is Omar Sani a film hero or Moushumi’s son-in-law? Is he an actor or an intellectual? Is he a lawyer or a judge? What he is to himself or what he thinks of himself, time will tell or reveal.’

In a recent issue, Nutan wrote about Omar Sani, ‘Man can have many qualities. The knowledge of being a judge or an intellectual may be developing or becoming, slowly. But to me he is my brother, he is a film hero. Now come to the main part. Kudos to Sani Navya for taking the risk of naming a sector or an intellectual.’

Priyatma said, ‘I don’t know the details of how this naming is coming. But if this thought comes from Sunny, he can be demanded to be given the title of intellectual. Because I got familiar with this naming after seeing Sani’s writings. Beloved in that film. what is sweetheart What is the definition of? Or how does it happen? Or is there any explanation for this name at all? I don’t know that but after seeing the fard of naming ‘Sani’, it seems that it is the same (which is five tahai panch).’

Talking about Omar Sunny’s hesitancy, the actress again said, ‘Anyway, my friend Superstar Anjana has expressed the opposite reaction to this self-judgmental process. I am not upset at all about the things that Anjana is angry or resentful about. Because I don’t know the basis of this naming. And in 50 years of film career, I have not found this name. Or maybe Sani – that’s why I said that it’s in the mindset. He has created such a thought.’

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Mentioning this post to convey correct information to the new generation, Nutan said, ‘Anyone can express their opinion. It is his personal matter who to appoint whom to higher seat and who not to appoint. But there is only one reason why I avowedly disagree with this article. There is a lot of new generation, they want to know the right thing, they love and trust the film people, so it is important to tell them the right thing.’

It is important to know the chain of the film, he advises Sunny, who loved whom, what they thought is the next thing, but it is important to tell the right thing. Or as a person or an audience outside the actress, we also want to know – what is our position? Now let’s talk about a little Hedom- means Futani. Sani Babare first know what is the film chain? Taking public sympathy with the name of Shabana, Babita is limited only on Facebook, these things are suitable on Facebook, in reality mental weakness is revealed.’

He said, ‘Now if I insult you by saying you like Manna or Salman, people will cheer me, but even if I am temporarily happy, my personality and weak mentality will be revealed to my intelligent people. (Shabana, Shabnam, Babita, Kabri, Rozina, Anjana, Sucharita, Olivia, Suchanda, Champa, Rosy Siddiqui, Maya Hazarika, Sumita – except me, I am very little, next to them is my little darling sister Mousumi, her Later the position of the rest.’

Omar said to Sunny, “When you bring ‘Suchitra Sen’, you mean Calcutta. Then you will have at least 10 more names added to this chain, with which all the adjectives of the film will be added. You may not know them well or not. Then much later will come your judicial name, though you may write your judgment or writ, as I have written. But this self-proclaimed legal process of yours tells me again that you are mentally disturbed. Moushumi is no doubt a talented actress and beauty, I am her fan, I follow Shabnoor in some cases, Shabnoor is one in Koti. Purnima Guni. One has to understand who to match with whom.”

Omar Sani changed Moushumi’s name to Tita. Saying this, Nutan said, ‘It is wise not to reveal this bitter mentality of using this quality and personality of Mausumi in a cheap judicial process by telling or writing to write repeatedly. In that you are making Moushumi’s name Tita. I do not say this out of anger or pride, I am very ordinary, little, I am nothing.’

It has to be said thoughtfully – Nutan said to Omar Sani, ‘But there are many more, whose names have to be taken into consideration. Your scope of knowledge of those thoughts is limited. Since you have some facebook followers, they agree without understanding, so tell them something right so they don’t know wrong. And find out for yourself. Otherwise, your name will be forgotten after a few days, if not years, as a result of your actions. And the season will be dishonoured. I don’t want your name to be forgotten, I don’t want anyone to have a bad impression of Moushumi. I love you very much. I love you my brother film actor Omar Sunny.’

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