THE xiaomi recently introduced the seventh version of the most popular fitness tracker on the market. We have among us, in fact, the new Xiaomi Smart Bracelet 7o Mi Band 7 with a recommended retail price of €59.99 in Portugal.

This same price generates some concerns, which are easy to understand, given the values ​​that Xiaomi itself previously charged for similar products. Happily, we have two days to buy the Mi Band 7 on salebut if you’re looking for alternatives, here are some products to consider.

Here are some valid options with a price equal to or less than the new Mi Band 7. They are products of the same ecosystem with great value in monitoring physical activity and receiving notifications, among other capabilities.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Band

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Bracelet
Credit: Xiaomi Distribution

Price: as €39.99 in My Store Portugal

First, we have the basic alternative. The Mi Band 6 is a very up-to-date product, now at the best price thanks to the promotion applied at Xiaomi Store Portugal and it is still an incredible gadget to continue with your physical activity.

It has a fairly large AMOLED screen of choice, with more sports modes, 30 in total, and SpO2 measurement. The autonomy? You have at least two weeks of normal use and a magnetic charging accessory to make this step easy.

2. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Smart Watch

my watch lite
Credit: Xiaomi Distribution

Price: as €49.99 in My Store Portugal

Second, and at the same (promotional) price as the Mi Band 7, we have the Mi Watch Lite watch. It’s the ideal smartwatch for getting phone notifications right on your wrist, with a familiar display and Apple Watch-inspired shape, but at a fraction of the cost.

You also have the possibility to monitor 11 types of sports, train your breathing to reduce stress, monitor your health 24/7 and much more. It is indeed a product to consider if you are looking for something more than a typical activity or sports bracelet.

3. Redmi SmartBand Pro smart band

Redmi SmartBand Pro Smart Band
Credit: Xiaomi Distribution

Price: as €39.99 in My Store Portugal

In third place we have the Redmi Smart Band Pro smartband, shortening the distance between the Mi Band 6 and the new Xiaomi Smartband 7. It is an activity bracelet with more than 110 sports modes, SpO2 and heart rate monitoring, as well as of the dream cycles

Plus, we have a 1.47″ AMOLED screen, larger than most other bands, so you can easily track your progress. Lastly, this smart band is especially good at tracking trails (trail race), in addition to the dedicated Yoga mode.

Finally, all the products listed here are for sale not only in the online store, but also in the various physical stores of the Mi Store Portugal chain throughout the country.


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