Is Gilchrist really the richest cricketer? Do you know what the whole truth of him is?

Top 10 richest cricketers in the world: In the list of the 10 richest cricketers today published by CEO World magazine, everyone saw the name of former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist at number one. he must have been surprised. Whose net worth has been declared to be $380 million according to this published list, but now a different truth is coming to light about it.

Actually, according to Sports Juice, in this report it is not Adam Gilchrist who played in international cricket for the Australian team. The last name of the CEO of F45 Fitness Company is definitely Gilchrist, who suddenly rose to fame last year after winning $500 million in just one night. He achieved excellent results after listing his company on the New York Stock Exchange.

In the year 2013, Adam Gilchrist, the founder of the F45 company, opened a gym in Sydney and later went ahead in this business. This clearly shows that there is no relationship between the owner of this company and the Australian player Adam Gilchrist. On the other hand, if we talk about the net worth of cricketer Adam Gilchrist, then nothing becomes clear about it.

Sachin, Dhoni and Kohli in the top 5

According to this list, if we talk about the net worth of Indian players, then the former Indian player Sachin Tendulkar is at the second number whose total net worth is said to be 170 million US dollars at the moment. While in this list, the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes in second, whose total net worth is said to be 115 million US dollars.

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