Is FOMO hitting Bitcoin? And does this altcoin go x30?

Good evening everyone! Today I’ll be doing educational price analysis, not financial advice, and discussing how Bitcoin (BTC) hits $45,000 on Coinbase. I also look at some altcoin inquiries and examine whether there is any institutional FOMO.

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Institutional crypto FOMO strikes

On the charts I see liquidity around $45,000, suggesting that the price could potentially rise to $48,000. The futures chart shows an unfilled gap, indicating a continuation of the uptrend.

Given the premium on Coinbase, where large institutions are willing to pay more, institutional FOMO seems possible. Bitcoin’s parabolic rise is positive in the short term, but I warn of possible corrections. I am cautiously optimistic and see potential for a decline following ETF approval.

I also discuss an equilibrium pattern in an altcoin, paying attention to breakouts and retests. It is important to watch out for parabolic moves and protect yourself from FOMO. I share more trades and updates in the Premium Discord group.

Chain link analysis

Next, I look at Chainlink, which appears to have broken out of an accumulation phase, focusing on the $19-20 area as potential resistance. I also discuss waves that could follow an Adam and Eve pattern with a technical target around $670.

Finally, I would like to remind you of the wishes in the comments and emphasize the importance of trading carefully in this volatile market. This video provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of the crypto market with a particular focus on Bitcoin and some major altcoins. So you shouldn’t miss this video! Happy trading and see you in the next video!

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