Is everything going well between Dhoni and Jadeja? This conversation between the versatile man and the CEO of CSK increased the tension of the fans

There is some rift between Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and all-round star Ravindra Jadeja, all such news is getting a lot of headlines. After the Qualifier-1 played between Chennai and Gujarat, CSK CEO Kasi Vishwanathan was seen having a chat with the multi-talented Ravindra Jadeja. This conversation of both increased the tension of the fans.

In this video, Kashi Vishwanathan was seen talking to Ravindra Jadeja in a very different way. In the video you can see that at first the CSK CEO was seen speaking with his hand on Jadeja’s shoulder. After this, he shook Jadeja’s hand and kept patting Jadeja’s back. This video of his conversation did not take long to go viral on social networks.

Chennai Super Kings played their last league game against Delhi Capitals on May 20. In this match itself, a conversation was seen between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja. After this incident, Jadeja and his wife Raviba made tweets marking ‘Karma’. However, no official information of any kind has surfaced regarding Dhoni and Jadeja.

Many people gave their respective reactions when the video went viral. Expressing concern, one user wrote: “I hope Jaddu’s post and this aren’t related but it looks like they are. Another user wrote: “The fans have nothing against Jaddu. We celebrate him on a par with the rest of the team. Come to Chennai sometime and you’ll see. Another user expressed concern, writing: ‘He doesn’t look happy.’ Similarly, all the fans shared their reactions in this video.

Tell them that in this season, Jadeja has also talked about the fact that the fans want to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni batting, not him. After a game, Jadeja had said that if he goes up to play, everyone waits for him to come down.

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