Is Deepika Padukone still wearing a saffron bikini in ‘Pathan’? The board of censorship had made many changes.

Shah Rukh Khan’s leading man Pathan has been released at the box office after all the controversies. The movie is also getting a lot of love from the audience and the magic of it is also visible at the box office. Before the film’s release, many Hindu organizations protested against some of its scenes and demanded its removal. Although the filmmakers sent the film directly to the censorship board without giving any response about it.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the film was awarded a UA certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification after ten cuts. These include the removal of close-ups of the lead Deepika Padukone, and changes made to some of the film’s dialogue.

The controversial song Bersham Rang has at least three changes: “butt exposure, side posing, and some sultry steps thrown in.” A report in Bollywood Hungama shared the details of the ten cuts suggested by the CBFC, which were included in the final cut for Pathan’s theatrical release. The report said that the certificate did not mention whether or not she removed her bikini, which was disputed. Although the movie has been released and the saffron bikini has not been removed from it.

In the film, the word ‘Raw’ was replaced with ‘Humre’ and ‘Langde Lulle’ was replaced with ‘Toote Phute’. Removed the word ‘PMO’ and changed the word ‘PM’ to President or Minister in 13 different places. The word Shrimati Bharatmata has been changed to Our Mother India and ‘Ashok Chakra’ has been changed to Veer Award. The term KGB was replaced by SBU. In one dialogue, the word souch was changed to drink, and the reference to Russia was also removed.

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