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Lando Norris Under Fire After Poor Performance in Recent Grand Prix

Lando Norris, the British Formula One driver, is facing criticism after his disappointing showing in the latest Grand Prix. Despite having a car capable of winning, Norris failed to deliver, finishing behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Pressure of Championship Racing Taking a Toll

Many fans and former drivers, including Ralf Schumacher, believe that Norris is struggling to cope with the pressure of competing at the highest level. Schumacher, a three-time world champion, believes that Norris is not yet ready to compete with the likes of Verstappen and Hamilton.

Team Structure and Experience a Concern

Schumacher also pointed to the team structure and lack of experience as contributing factors to Norris’s struggles. He suggested that the team’s engineer may not be strong enough to provide the necessary guidance and support to the driver.

Tire Strategy Debated

The decision to leave the tire selection to Norris has also been criticized, with some arguing that it was a mistake that cost him a podium finish. However, Schumacher believes that Hamilton’s ability to read the race better under pressure was the key factor in his decision-making.

Norris Remains with Just One Win

Norris’s struggles have left him with just one win on his record, and he has fallen behind the leader in the championship standings. The pressure is now on the young driver to deliver and prove himself as a contender for the championship.

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