Is Bitcoin going to crash to $10,000?

Can the Bitcoin price drop to $10,000?

To predict whether the Bitcoin price can actually fall to the $10,000 level, we need to look at both technical and fundamental factors. There are currently two main factors influencing the Bitcoin price, namely:

  1. A fundamental factor related to the FTX crash and the possible takeover of Binance.
  2. A technical factor, breaking the important support price of 18 thousand dollars.

Until good news comes out of Binance and FTX, both factors are bearish. This means that there is a very good chance that the current price fall will continue. The best scenario at the moment would be for the BTC to recover to just above the $18,000 level, but whether that is possible remains to be seen.

If the current negative events in the crypto market continue to cause problems, it is likely that the price will fall towards the $15,000 and maybe even the $10,000 level. Something that many people thought was impossible for a while now seems to be coming true.

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