Home Business Iryo and Worldpay: the first year of a successful alliance

Iryo and Worldpay: the first year of a successful alliance

Iryo and Worldpay: the first year of a successful alliance

Iryo, the first Spanish high-speed operator, has just completed a year since its entry into service on November 25, 2022. The company has routes to eleven destinations and Another route between Barcelona and Seville will open in December 2023. In the first twelve months, more than five million passengers took advantage of the offer.

Worldpay has been a key digital payments partner for Iryo, ensuring proper setup and responsiveness, and processing large transaction volumes that grew rapidly in the first year of operations.

Diversify payment options to improve traveler convenience

Worldpay makes it easy to access various payment methods. From debit and credit cards to the convenience of Google Pay and Apple Pay to the addition of the Discover Card for international users. Tokenization provides an additional level of security and increases the commitment to protecting transactions.

Rafael Gonzalez, IT Director at iryoassures that “Working with the Worldpay team to integrate their systems was easy, quick and very professional. Thanks to this agreement we were able to implement payment in the distribution system in a very short time, which is very important for a company that in just a few months has managed to expand exceptionally in three corridors throughout Spain.“. Accordingly Andrea Casula, CFO of iryoChoosing a payment gateway is crucial for the growth of a startup and Worldpay has supported us tremendously. Thanks to their collaboration and professionalism, we were able to connect multiple payment channels in a short time, allowing us to achieve rapid volume growth and increase IRYO’s market share in Spain.

Rodrigo Vilariño, Country Manager for Spain and Portugal at Worldpay Explain: “I am impressed by the professionalism and determination of the Iryo team, which is reflected in the results and traveler satisfaction in this first year. We have carefully supported Iryo to ensure they have the best people, knowledge and technology to drive this ambitious project forward.“.

Paving the way for the future

If you think about the success of the first year, the future looks very bright. Iryo’s rapid expansion to new routes within Spain and the region puts the company at the forefront of innovation.

This first year of collaboration has been marked by successes that reflect Worldpay’s commitment to offering innovative payment solutions that guarantee the customer experience.

Looking to the future, Iryo and Worldpay are committed to working together to push the boundaries of what is possible and anticipate change to create an unparalleled experience for travelers.

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