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IRAQ Protest


  • The protesters were doing their arbitrariness by entering the House building.
  • Al-Sadr was all supporters
  • Iraq is located on the world map in Central-East Asia

Iraq Protest: The whole world saw the riots created by the protesters in Sri Lanka’s Rashtrapati Bhavan. Something similar has happened in Iraq, although it is not the Rashtrapati Bhavan but the House of Iraq. The protesters were doing their arbitrariness by entering the Sadan building. They also waved flags while sitting at the table. It is believed that this area is one of the safest places. There are many embassies around this place including the US Embassy. We will try to go into detail about who the protesters were now.

Who were the protesters?


These protesters were all supporters of Iraqi Siya leader Muktada al-Sadr who were creating a ruckus when they reached the House building. All of them were protesting against Sudan. However, the best news was that no member of the House was present in the House at that time. The protesters left their mark on the footsteps of the Sri Lankan protesters. It seemed as if it was part 2 of Sri Lanka. Although after some time the situation was under control but not completely.

Why are there demonstrations in Iraq?

Till now the Prime Minister has not been appointed in Iraq for the last 9 months. At this time there is a political and economic crisis in the country. The economic crisis in the country is a matter to think about because this country is rich in oil and the country which has oil is the king in itself. Then why is there uproar? Now this question must be running in your mind, then let us tell you, the election was held in October, the party did not get majority. Muftada won only 73 of the 329 seats but it was far from the majority mark. Because of this, no party could form the government. Supporters of Muktada al-Sadr are opposing prime ministerial candidate Mohamed al-Sudani. For specific information, let us tell you that Sudan has been a former minister and governor of former provincial states. It is said that he is a pro-Iranian leader who leans more towards Iran.


Where is Iraq on the map?

Iraq is located on the world map in Central-East Asia. Almost the population here is Muslim i.e. a Muslim country. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Jordan and Syria to the west, Turkey to the north and Iran to the east. To the southwest, it is also connected to the Persian Gulf. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. Iraq is an oil rich country.


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