Iraola responds to Rayo Vallecano’s renewal offer

From the environment of the franjirrojos coach, his decision regarding his future on the bench of the rayistas has already been known

Andoni Iraola Are you planning your continuity or not with Rayo Vallecano?. The coach of the Vallecas team is in question and not precisely because of the bad results. Although the main objective was none other than to get a place in Europe, the campaign carried out by the Basque has been to stand out. This has caught the attention of other clubs.

Let’s remember that for some time the renewal of Iraola with Rayo Vallecano has not had the progress that was expected. The coach still doesn’t know what’s going to happen and is waiting for the season to end to make decisions about it. Of course, there is something that could indicate what is going to happen.

Iraola ray vallecano
Iraola has not yet decided on her future, although there would already be signs of what would happen

Andoni Iraola would be clear about his future with Rayo Vallecano: his response to the renewal has been unexpected

In this way, it has been possible to establish that the Basque coach would have already told a fairly small sector of the determination to continue or not at Rayo Vallecano. This information would only have been communicated to a part of the leadership, which, in turn, is already assimilating what will happen.

In that order of ideas, What is expected at Rayo Vallecano is the imminent departure of Andoni Iraola. He has suddenly declined the renewal offer made to him by the leadership. A sector of it knows of this determination and they would already be taking action on the matter.

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The Basque will not accept the proposal made by those from Vallecas

Without a doubt, the Usúrbil coach is considered one of the best to have been on the Vallecas bench. For this reason, he became quite relevant in offering him continuity in his position, especially when they were planning a more ambitious season. Now, they would have to make a project from scratch.

We will have to wait for what can happen with this movement. For now, Iraola’s future with Rayo seems to be fully defined And this will of course change what the leadership is going to do for 2024, where apart from quality signings, they will have to find a new coach.

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