Iraola: “I’m not still at Rayo and the decision has nothing to do with another club”

Last match: “Yes, you already know. I’m not going to continue next year as a coach, I don’t want it to be a farewell press conference. Yesterday I told the players, who were the first to know. It is not from one day to the next. He had been guessing and it did not take the club by surprise. In the end we resumed by making this non-continuity official. I am grateful to the club because they have tried until the end. There has been no negotiation. There has been no talk of next year, or figures, or anything. It’s not for a reason. I have been very comfortable for three years and I have a very good taste in my mouth. It’s the right time. The players have been listening to me for three years and a change for all of us can do us good”.

Wear: “My three years of relationship with the squad have been magnificent. The players who have given the least amount of ball are the ones who put up with the locker room. It is a healthy group. You have to anticipate that. Three years are fine and we would have signed that things would have turned out the way they did. Life is making decisions.”

Another decision: “The club has tried until the last moment. Talking about the future has been very open. We have both acted honestly. Let’s not look guilty. We haven’t even gotten to talking about next year’s squad. We have not made it official before because there were options from Europe ”.

Last match: “It will be very special tomorrow. I’m happy because I’ve noticed a lot of complicity from the beginning. It has helped us a lot. They have felt identified. It is something that must be taken care of. Right now I leave with a very good feeling. I don’t want to risk that.”

Special moments: “It cost us a little more at the beginning. We had more work, but since the first season we have had a very strong identity. They have been empowered by that way of playing. I am very satisfied”.

Future: “The decision has nothing to do with another club. It has been more beautiful than I expected. From June 5-6 we will think about other things”.

Growth: “Football is collective. I try to instill that in the players. We all seem a little better than we probably are. I am grateful to the companions of this trip. We have managed to make things better.”

Seventh place: “We have tried to save that announcement until the end so that it would not affect the competitive level. It makes me angry to have lost the last two games. We really want to win tomorrow. We are going to find a team in a state of sensational form. They play their Champions League options”.

Change of his vision of Rayo and Vallecas: “When I decided to come, I could smell what it was like from the outside. I did not come again but looking for things that I liked. My experience confirms that it is a special club. I feel lucky to have lived in this different club”.

Low: “Diego López is sick. the chocota He has discomfort in his calf, but the rest will be available”.

Europe changed the decision: “No. In nothing”.

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