Although Marcelino Garcia Toral he is not doing a bad job, the elections in the club may change all next summer. One of the loudest to train the Athletic it is Andoni Iraola, what could come with the signing free from César Azpilicueta under the arm.

César Azpilicueta Contract ends on June 30 and has not yet renewed. Incredible as it may seem, he is captain of the Chelsea and indisputable in the Spanish selection from Luis Enrique Martinez. A defender with experience and performance at the highest level, who fits in the philosophy of the Athletic.

A few weeks ago everything seemed on track for Azpilicueta to seal his contract extension in London. However, weeks pass, and less and less remains until January 1 arrives. From that date, any club may legally negotiate the free incorporation of Azpilicueta.

It goes without saying that for Athletic it would mean a high-voltage signing. We are talking about an indisputable holder in the champion of the last Champions League, with more than 400 games behind him with the Chelsea shirt and extensive experience with the Spanish National Team.

A signing, that of Azpilicueta that would be totally free for Athletic. Starting in January, the different Athletic polling stations will really start working for the elections. The dissatisfaction with Elizegi is important, so it is very likely that he will change to the coaching staff.

Marcelino would surely only continue with Elizegi, Andoni Iraola being the one who sounds the most in other candidacies. A new Athletic with Iraola on the bench and Azpilicueta completing the defense together with Yuri, Iñigo Martínez and Yeray (or Vivian). It sounds very, very good.


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