Iran’s categorical response to the ‘West’

Tehran: Iranian President Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi has revealed that Western countries and their forces are involved in the recent riots in the country.

According to a foreign media report, while addressing the participants of the Aban rally in the capital Tehran, the Iranian president severely criticized the western countries.

The Iranian president said that the American president made a statement in a troubled imagination that he wants the freedom of Iran, Biden! Iran was freed from your captivity 43 years ago, after that we will never be your milk cow again.

President Raisi said that the young generation in Iran has the same view of America as their ancestors had during the revolution.

He pointed to the support of the rioters and rioters by Western countries in the recent riots in Iran and said that this country will not be afraid of their sanctions and threats.

Addressing the US and its allied powers, the Iranian president said, “Do you really think that we will be stopped by your threats and sanctions?” You want to slow down the movement of the Iranian nation, but this is just a dream! Our men and women will not let your evil dreams come true.

Ayatollah Raisi further said that the US has targeted Iran’s security, peace and power, the enemy has targeted its self-confidence, whoever is taking steps towards unrest should know that they are the enemies of the Islamic Revolution. Stepping towards

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